Organic Farming
we provide nothing but purely organic agro.

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Farm Nepal is one of agricultural teams organized to provide highly valuable organic products for better health. We provide organics products, currently focused on highly proteinous food with rabbit meat, ostrich meat and eggs. We are highly motivated to develop Nepal by sustainable organic agriculture with higher nutritional valued agro-products.

Farm Nepal believes on spiritual power and benefits of organic plus sustainable farming , as we are dedicated to produce organic foods higher in nutritional values including organic cheese , organic coffee , nettles products , rabbit meat , ostrich meat and eggs and many other organic vegetables .Beside healthy food products Farm Nepal also produces and sale Earthworm manure , Rabbit manure for better and healthy farmings.

Farm Nepal uses modern techniques to produce all the agricultural organic products as well as we manage by-products efficiently. Farm Nepal provides farm internship and farm training for free, who are interested in sustainable organic farming. We are very happy to follow the path of sustainable organic farming and sharing the techniques and ideas with all Nepalese.

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